IASWG Presenter Guidelines & Resources

Thank you for your willingness to present on a topic in the field of group work to the IASWG diverse membership. Your expertise and commitment to further the profession's body of knowledge are a key component of how we advance the goals of our Association.

Presenters do not need to have prior virtual presentation experience to present at this year's event.

  • Presenters will need a computer or tablet with a webcam. It would be preferred that you have headphones or earbuds with a microphone so your background noise is diminished as well. IASWG will create a zoom meeting for you as well as provide a zoom host and will manage the technology for you in their assigned room. If you would prefer to host your own zoom session and have access to a zoom pro account, please email [email protected] to let us know. 

  • Most presentations will be recorded and made available online to registered participants for 90 days following the symposium. Presenters retain all rights to their content, but by agreeing to present, you are also agreeing to your session being recorded. If you prefer that your session is not recorded, please contact [email protected].

  • View FAQs and Netiquette Guidelines for IASWG Virtual Symposium

  • We are happy to schedule practice session for any presenter prior to the live event. To schedule a practice sessions or for questions related to presenting your session, contact [email protected].

Membership & Registration Requirements

  • Presenters do not need to be current members of IASWG to present at the 2023 Symposium.
  • All presenters must register for the symposium by May 25th. Presenters can register for one-day if they only plan to attend the day of their session.
  • We encourage you to include IASWG colleagues as co-presenters of your session as a way to enhance your presentation.

Lead Presenter Requirements

It is the lead presenter's responsibility to inform any co-presenters of any pertinent information such as the schedule and registration requirements. The lead presenter is the IASWG's contact person; all correspondence related to an educational session will be routed through them. 

Poster Presenter Requirements

All confirmed lead presenters and co-presenters must register for symposium. Co-authors may be recognized for their contributions to poster presentations, but only registered presenters will be allowed to attend the Symposium.

Overview of Presentation Sessions

  • Presentations are presented, using Zoom Technology, for 30-minute discovery sessions or 60-minute presentations, or 90-minute invitationals. A student volunteer room monitor will be assisting with managing the time and a zoom host available to assist with technology needs.
  • Poster sessionswe recognize that posters are a unique challenge to shift virtually, so we welcome your input and creativity in facilitating poster sessions. Below are two suggested options for poster presentations. Presenters are welcome to participate in one or both formats. We encourage you to consider and develop additional approaches and share them with us at [email protected]
    • Poster Gallery: Poster presentations are published on the IASWG website in the IASWG Poster Gallery Blog. Please see examples of last year's posters in the Poster Gallery Blog. Presenters are asked to actively monitor their posters during the week of the Symposium and to respond to any comments or questions within the comments section of the page. To review the recommended format and sizing of the poster, please see guidelines below. By Wednesday, May 24th, presenters must email [email protected] an image or pdf file of their poster and/or handouts to be displayed on their virtual poster presentation web page. 

    • Live Session: In addition, during the symposium, poster presenters are able to give a 10 minute summary of their work in a Zoom Live Session with other poster presentations. During this session, presenters are welcome to share a few PowerPoint slides or an image of their poster that describes the essential features (related to purpose, procedures, outcomes, or results). Each poster session will include 4 to 8 poster presentations. 

Handouts and PowerPoint Presentations

We highly encourage you to email your presentation materials, including handouts and presentation files, to [email protected] to be shared in the Resource Library to provide attendees with the opportunity to electronically access and download the information. 

​Communication Guidelines for Presenters

IASWG is proud to be a multinational, multicultural organization. The annual IASWG symposium is primarily conducted in English, but we ask presenters to be aware that many participants are using English as a second language. It is especially important, then, to ensure that presentations are accessible to everyone. Our general communication principle is one of inclusivity – to make sure that your presentation speaks to everyone and can be heard by everyone.

Therefore, we ask you to please adhere to the following Communication Guidelines:

  1. Be aware that speakers who do not speak your language may be in attendance at your presentation (and, possibly, people with hearing problems).
  2. At the beginning of your presentation, invite a quick overview of your audience – in particular, their international background and first languages.
  3. Introduce your country and your city or region (perhaps show these on a map with pictures). Be aware that some people in your audience might never have heard of your location.
  4. Speak loudly, clearly and ask if everybody is able to follow the content. Make breaks for peer-to-peer translation and mutual aid in your group.
  5. If you use acronyms or specific terms, please explain them and spell them out. It is likely that many people in your audience will be unfamiliar with acronyms and terms that you might take for granted.
  6. Be aware that even academic degrees are described differently in different countries. Please explain and give context.
  7. Be incorporate the symposium theme and current issues into your presentation. 

Photograph & Video Content Ownership

IASWG will use photographs and video taken during events to promote the association and future events. By presenting an educational session you provide IASWG with the unrestricted right to use photographs and videos at its discretion for this purpose.