Board of Directors

Sam Benbow
Chapter Representative, Pennsylvania

Co-Chair, Membership Committee


Ann Bergart
Chapter Representative, Illinois Chapter


Ginette Berteau
Chapter Representative, Francophone


Martin Birnbaum
Life Member


Martin Camire

Co-Chair of the Nominations and Elections Committee


Reshawna Chapple
Member-at-Large, until 2019


Carol Cohen
Co-Chair, Commission on Group Work
in Social Work Education Committee

Mark Doel
Vice President
Chair, Ad-hoc Committee on Global Issues


Not Pictured
Kris Drumm
Chapter Representative, Florida


Jennie Fleming
Co-Editor, Groupwork


Maria Gandarilla
Ad-Hoc Webinar Committee


Charles Garvin
Life Member; Co-Chair, Practice Committee

John Genke
Chapter Representative, NYC Red Apple


Sera Godfrey Kaplan
Chapter Representative, Massachusetts


Lorrie Greenhouse Gardella

Member-at-Large, until 2020


Dana Grossman Leeman
Co-Chair, Symposium Planning Committee


Alexis Howard
Member-at-Large, until 2019


 Rhonda Hudson

 Chapter Representative, Tennessee



Mei Kameda

Chapter Representative, Southern California


Not Pictured

Amirthini Keefe / Kristen Perron

Chapter Representatives, Minnesota


Brian Kelly
Chair, Marketing Committee


Werner Lieblang
Chapter Representative, European


Kristina Lind
Chapter Representative, Northern New England


Mark Macgowan
Co-Chair, Commission on Group Work in Social Work Education Committee


Andrew Malekoff
Editor, Social Work with Groups


Kyle McGee
Co-Chair, Nominations and Election Committee


Meghan O'Donnell
Member-at-Large, until 2018

Co-Chair, Membership Committee


Olga Molina
Chapter Representative, Central Florida


Dominique Moyse Steinberg


Hilda Baar Kooij 
Chapter Representative, Germany


Barbara Muskat
Co-Chair, Practice Committee


Anna Nosko
Chapter Representative, Toronto



 Helene Onserud

Member-at-Large, until 2020


William Pelech
Member-at-Large, until 2019


Reineth Prinsloo,
Chapter Representative, South Africa


Tanja Schmitz-Remberg

Co-Chair, Chapter Development Committee


Mamadou Seck
Chapter Representative, NE Ohio



Shirley Simon

Member-at-large, until 2020


Sari Skolnik
Chapter Representative, Long Island, New York


Zaneta Smith
Member-at-Large, until 2018


 Jay Sweifach
Member-at-Large, until 2018


Christine Theuma Wilkins

Co-Chair, Symposium Committee


Greg Tully


Jorūnė Vyšniauskytė-Rimkienė
Chapter Representative, Lithuania Chapter


Michael Wagner
Historical Secretary


Roberta Wallace
Chapter Representative, North Carolina


Joyce Webster
Communications Secretary