Nominations and Elections

The Nominations and Elections Committee is responsible for the development of an annual election slate and for supervising the election process of members of the IASWG Board on an annual basis. The committee puts forth nominees for three year terms for the following Board positions: President, Vice President, and Members-At-Large. The Committee ensures that elections are conducted within both the requirements of our IASWG Bylaws and the spirit and values which underlie our organization. 

The co-chairs of the Nominations and Election Committee are Alexis Howard ([email protected]) and Kyle McGee ([email protected]). Committee members include: Maria Gandarilla Ocampo, Sam Benbow, Joyce Webster, Mark Doel, Greg Tully, and Jorune Vysniauskyte-Rimkiene.

Call for Member-at-Large Nominations - Deadline: Thursday, July 1st, 2021

At our recent Symposium, we shared that the Nominations and Elections Committee is seeking interested candidates for our three Member-at-Large Board positions. Below you will find the nomination submission forms that can be completed by and/or circulated to interested individuals. We are grateful to the IASWG Translation Committee for creating nomination forms in ​English, German, ​French, and Spanish. The deadline for submission is July 1st! We hope that you consider nominating yourself or a colleague today!

Expectations of the Role & Nomination Form by Language:

Opportunities for Prospective IASWG Board Members

We are looking for people who bring the following leadership qualities:

  • Commitment to IASWG Board service;
  • Understanding of the diverse perspectives found in social group work practice;
  • Ability to bring new ideas and a vision of social group work;
  • Commitment to the development of regional/international involvement and presence;
  • Demonstrated ability to follow through on responsibilities;
  • Commitment to building social group work practice and education in their own communities;
  • Solid track record of responsibility taken at the chapter, community, and/or professional organizational levels.

In addition to the above leadership qualities, the Nominations and Elections Committee also seeks candidates who might bring a range of diversity factors to the Board (for example, ethnicity, gender, age, geographical representation), as well as seeking a balance between practitioners and those whose group work engagement is primarily at the academic and/or scholarly level.

Any member of IASWG is able to be nominated for election. If elected, members are expected to:

  • Serve for a three year term.
  • Attend semi-annual meetings of the IASWG Board (usually at the symposium and one fall meeting).
  • Assume responsibility for being a member of, or chairing, at least two committees of the Board. Board committees include: Symposium, Marketing, Practice, Membership, Budget & Finance, Chapter Development, Commission on Group Work in Social Work Education, and International Issues. 
  • Attend meetings of those committees at the meetings of the board, and correspond with committee members during the year to pursue the work of the committees.
  • Attend IASWG annual symposia.
  • Be current IASWG members.

IASWG Travel Reimbursement:

IASWG reimburses Board members for a portion of travel expenses to the annual fall Board meeting (when held in person), but costs to attend the June Board meeting held each year at the IASWG Symposium site are not reimbursed.*

*Due to COVID 19, all Board meetings are being held virtually until further notice.