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2023 US Council on Social Work Education’s Annual Program Meeting

The 2023 CSWE Annual Program Meeting in Atlanta, GA provided an exciting and productive experience for sharing group work education, practice and research strategies. Many IASWG members attended and presented at the event. The Conference included several exciting panel discussions, papers, workshops, and posters in the CSWE Group Work Track and other tracks. In addition, the annual CSWE and IASWG Partnership Presentation took place on Saturday, 10/28. The open meeting of the Group Work Track was on Friday, 10/27. View the of list presentations by IASWG members and supporters that were in the Group Work Track other CSWE Conference tracks or sessions.

Our IASWG-CSWE Partnership Session went very well and was informal, inclusive and informative.  The Group Work Track presentations were very exciting  And, many of us were available for lunch on Saturday! For me, the Conference in Atlanta was a great combo of advancing group work and professional fun! I think it energized us (and all the people we met) for the IASWG Symposium in Madrid, Spain in June 2023, for next year's CSWE Annual Program Meeting in Kansas City, MO, October 24-27, 2024, and for all things IASWG related before then!  The CSWE call for abstracts usually closes in January - more info will be forthcoming ( - Carol Cohen

It was a treat to get to be with you at the conference and to be together in person! I thought it was a great success and many ideas bounced around for how to enhance group work education and IASWG’s presence! - Jen Currin-McCulloch

CSWE Partnership Meeting

IASWG Members at CSWE


Upcoming International Conferences

In addition to planning to present and attend our IASWG Symposium, we encourage submission of group work-related abstracts to a number of international conferences. Feel free to share additional announcements for posting by email to [email protected].

October 24-27, 2024, Kansas City, MO, USA: US Council on Social Work Education's Annual Program Meeting
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    • Call for Proposals - coming soon

June 2024, European Association of Schools of Social Work

Association of South African Social Work Education Institutions (ASASWEI)

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Past Events

  • In 2020, the IASSW and the IFSW will be hosting separate conferences.  They have agreed to return to a combined, biannual conference in 2022 and 2024.
  • Online 2020 US Council on Social Work Education’s Annual Program Meeting - The Group Work Track has 11 Sessions (for conference registrants only), as well as a Track Meeting, Wednesday, November 18th at 6:00 EST (open to everyone on Zoom). Two of the accepted Track Sessions were selected for “live” presentations, and 9 Sessions were pre-recorded and will be available to conference registrants for a year.  View sessions and links