Teaching Group Work

This site includes a wealth of resources submitted by IASWG members, used in teaching group work in social work and related fields. There are sections on Online and Hybrid Teaching, and Face to Face learning environments, including teaching activities, syllabi, thematic strategies, contemporary updates, and many other resources, including links to additional IASWG and other materials.

All readers can use and provide feedback to the site. Remember, this web page is a collection of submissions from IASWG members.  You can feel free to contact the person posting the material for additional information. Please credit the IASWG.org page and author (when listed) when using resources from this site

We encourage IASWG members to contribute resources for posting. We welcome contributions in any language. IASWG members must include their name and contact information to assist readers to follow up with them. To share your resources, please email [email protected].

For additional information about this collection, please email Carol S. Cohen ([email protected]), Co-Chair of the IASWG Commission on Group Work in Social Work Education.

Teaching Group Work Online and in Hybrid Models

Materials Compiled by the IASWG Mutual Aid Groups for Members Teaching Group Work Online

Since July, 2020 approximately 30 IASWG members from around the world have been meeting to share challenges and ideas about teaching group work in online settings.  Part of this initiative’s mission is to share resources with those trying to better use the online environment to teach group work. Members have collected materials in this IASWG Mutual Aid Group Teaching Online Google Drive Folder to share with everyone. The materials are organized into sub-folders by topic.  Please contact Ann Bergart ([email protected]) with any questions about the IASWG Mutual Aid Groups and the Google Drive Content

Course Syllabi

IASWG Members Available to Discuss Online Teaching (either unexpectedly, or extensively planned):

Teaching Materials from IASWG Members

Our IASWG Website has a number of excellent resources that can be valuable while teaching remotely, as well as under many other circumstances, including:

  • Practicing Group Work StrategiesFocusing primarily on group facilitation in a range of practice settings, these tips and strategies can be used in the classroom as both content and as guides for applying group work knowledge as educators working with classes.
  • The IASWG Case-Based, Multi-Media Resource ProjectThis web resource currently includes three extensive case studies (Hoarding Group, Somali Boys Group & Bereavement Group), contributed by members as part of an IASWG Project. Each case can be downloaded separately as a Word Doc.  The cases can be used Asynchronously with discussion questions (with or without the workers' commentary at the end), and also could be discussed Synchronously following online discussion forums.  

Resources for Moving to Online Teaching (for short and longer term applications and planning)

Publisher Websites with Assistance in Teaching Online 

Links to Articles Related to Beginning Online Teaching (across fields):

Teaching Group Work (for in-person and/or adapted for online instruction)

Group Work Syllabi

Articles & Other Resources