​The Midwest USA Virtual Chapter

Ann Bergart, Chapter Chair

The Midwest Chapter (formerly the Illinois Chapter) has a peer consultation group for group workers. It meets virtually for one hour every other Monday evening at 7 PM Central Time, and is open to all members from the Midwest. Those who participate are at all levels of experience, and everyone has something valuable to offer.

Attendance at every meeting is not required. We have a core group that attends regularly, and others log on when they are able. Non-members are also welcome. If they attend a few meetings and decide they want to stay connected, they are asked to join IASWG. The purpose of the group is to support each member's group work practice (or help some to start groups where they work!). It's a supportive and welcoming bunch, and we learn a lot from one another. Feel free to come and check it out!

If you'd like more information, contact Ann Bergart at [email protected].

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