The Language Access Committee was formalized in 2020 with the objective of building organizational inclusion and internationalization through increased translation of IASWG documents, meeting, website, and symposium events. The committee seeks to identify and develop institutional partnerships to assist with volunteer and paid translations. Committee co-chair is Ginette Berteau. Members: Hélène Onserud, Carol Cohen, Linda Ducca, Hilde Muller, Mamadou Seck and Ingrida Raščiuvienė.

November 2022 Reports:

November 2021 Report:

  • As the committee gets many requests for translation, please follow these translation guidelines:
    • The committee will take on translating documents that include content that is central to the mission and work of the association, of a committee, or relating to other important aspects of the association.
  • Here are a few examples: the president’s pen; the budget; norms of practice; nominee statements of candidates for board members; by-laws. In relation to the symposium, the committee will take on translating publicity and general content. However, that does not include logistical content such as travel and lodging information. Other less central content can be translated either directly on the website through Google translate or separately through automatic translator (generally better than Google).
  • How to proceed: There is one point person who will be receiving material to be translated through the committee and sending it back. At this time Hélène Filion Onserud will be that point person. If a situation arises when someone is not clear about which process to use for the translation of a document, the committee will discuss it with the person and, ultimately, will make the decision.