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IASWG enjoys a strong affiliation with the journals Social Work with Groups – A Journal of Community and Clinical Practice, and Groupwork, which are available to our members at a discount.

Bridging the Divide: Group work for social justice | Proceedings of the XL International Symposium of the International Association for Social Work with Groups, South Africa (Edited by Reineth Prinsloo and Janetta Ananias)

Group work applications across the social work curriculum | Selected and updated papers from the IASWG Symposium Proceedings Archives (Edited by Carol S. Cohen, Mark J. Macgowan)

Groupwork - Published by Whiting & Birch, Groupwork is Britain’s only journal specializing in applications of group work in a broad range of fields. IASWG members receive a discount on an annual subscription. 

  • Editores invitados: Andrés Arias Astray, Thilo Boeck y Bibiana Travi
  • Les Invitamos a presentar contribuciones sobre trabajo de grupo en América Latina. La llamada de artículos completa está disponible a continuación tanto en inglés como en español. La publicación de este número está prevista para diciembre de 2021.
  • Por favor, envíen su resumen a Jane McLaughlin, Apoyo Editorial, antes del 28 de febrero de 2021
  • Guest Editors: Andrés Arias Astray, Thilo Boeck & Bibiana Travi
  • We invite contributions on Groupwork in Latin America. It is intended to publish this issue in December 2021.
  • Please submit your abstract to Jane McLaughlin, Editorial Support, by 28th February 2021.

Groupwork Student Essay Prize, 2021

  • Whiting and Birch are happy to announce the fifth Groupwork Student Essay Prize of $100.00. Student groupworkers are invited to submit an essay or paper on any aspect of their practice of groupwork. Any student on a first degree or masters program, or those who have graduated in 2019 or 2020, may submit an essay or paper (maximum 5,000 words) for the prize.
  • The deadline for entries is May 3rd, 2021. The winner and runners up will be announced at the Annual Symposium of IASWG in 2021 and placed on the Groupwork website.

(August 2020) - The special issue of Groupwork in French is now published: Échos de la francophonie: Critical Reflections and Innovations in Group Social Work Research and Practice. Groupwork (2020), Vol. 29 (1)

Social Work with Groups - IASWG has enjoyed a strong affiliation with the editors of this journal since its inception. Members of the IASWG receive a discount on this journal of $42 for a yearly journal subscription. To purchase, contact +44 (0)20 7017 5543 or email [email protected].