Group Work Journals

IASWG enjoys a strong affiliation with the journals Social Work with Groups – A Journal of Community and Clinical Practice and Groupwork. 

Social Work with Groups Journal - Call for Papers, Special Issue for The Call to Group Work: Honoring the Legacies of Dr. Charles D. Garvin, Dr. Alex Gitterman, and Editor-in-Chief Emeritus Andrew Malekoff

Groupwork Journal - Student issue now available! Check out Vol. 30 No. 3: Student Groupwork Essays from the 2021 and 2023 Groupwork Student Essay Competition. 

Groupwork Journal Luso-Español special issues on innovative practice in Spanish and Portugese groupwork. Articles are published in Spanish or Portuguese with English translations. View No. 1 and No 2 issues. These issues offer an insight into innovative practice and theoretical work being undertaken in the Spanish and Portugese speaking countries, Sadly this work is often overlooked. Articles are published in Spanish and Portugese with full English translations thus making them accessible not only to groupworkers in those regions, but to the a wider international audience."

Learn more about the Social Work with Groups journal (view one-page flyer)