Symposium Planning

The Symposium Planning Committee provides support, advice, and oversight to designated symposia organizing groups throughout their symposium planning process. The Committee also helps to recruit and develop future symposia sites. The Co-chairs of the Symposium Planning Committee are Dana Grossman Leeman and Christine Wilkins. Committee members include: Diane Mirabito, Jahmani Hylton, Alexis Howard, Sari Skolnik, John Genke, and Reineth Prinsloo.

Annual International Symposia

Since 1979, the International Association of Social Work with Groups has met for an annual symposium. These symposia have provided opportunities for the membership of IASWG to meet others interested in and committed to the use of groups in social work, to hear and consider new approaches to social work with groups, to socialize, to help shape the present and the future of social group work in social work and in social work education, and to participate in decision making that directs the business of the Association.

Annual symposia have been held across the United States, in Canada, and in Germany. Attendance may vary but enthusiasm does not wane. Those who have attended a symposium are likely to say that IASWG symposia have a special feel about them, testament to the belief that group workers know how to have fun!

If you are interested in learning how to host an upcoming IASWG symposium, visit our “deconstructed” Guidebook to learn about the major components of producing an IASWG Symposium.

Included here is information about our current, upcoming, and previous symposia. Following each symposium, proceedings are produced that reflect the kinds of ideas and issues current in the field at that time. Past proceedings can be found in the Resources section of this website, or check out our proceedings publisher.