In Remembrance: Georg Nebel

On the 18th of March 2020, Georg Nebel died. Georg was not only one of the founding fathers of the German chapter of IASWG, but also of the “German Way” of social work with groups. He served for 7 years on the board. Until his death, he was an active chapter member, contributing constructively to the chapter. 

Georg developed and continued to develop the curriculum for intensive training in social group work in Germany. He was instrumental in the further development of the German chapter into a professional association, the most obvious expression of which is the certification of group workers. 

Georg was not a theoretician, writing a mass of publications. He co-published one book that showed his approach to group work: “Workbook for Working with Groups”. This book is a special treasure for every group worker, as

  • on the one hand it further develops the theory of group phases to a circular understanding of the background of the autopoiesis of groups as living or social systems and
  • on the other hand is a remarkable compilation of resource-oriented, methodical interventions in groups. 

He was a practitioner who with his skills, his professionalism and above all with his personality, started and inspired generations of group workers in Germany. 

He will be deeply missed.