Online Workshops offered by the German Chapter

View PDF program in German.

  • About: Four workshops will be in German, two in English. The plenary sessions will be translated into English.
  • Date: 20th of March 2021
    • Workshops 1 – 3 will be from 10.30 – 12.00  Central European Time
    • Workshops 4 – 6 will be from 12.45 – 14.15  Central European Time
  • To Register: Feel free to contact us at [email protected] if you are interested in taking part in the event, or if you have any questions. 
  • Cost: Since we have to rent the equipment for hosting an online event like this, we do have to charge a small fee for participation. In line with the zones in the world map, we charge different fees for different zones.
    • Zone 1 € 2,50
    • Zone 2 € 5,00
    • Zone 3 € 7,50
    • Zone 4 ​& 5 ​€ 20,00

Word from the German Chapter President, Thomas Jansen:

In Frank Sinatra’s world hit “Theme from New York” there are some musical passages that can be our companions, our guides in life, especially in the present. When people are trying to divide a society, we act upon it and do something about it: social learning, social encounters, social and emotional closeness. As groupworkers, we know that those who do not define themselves are defined by others. As groupworkers, we knot that there are no problems, there are challenges. As groupworkers, we know that what you make of your life is up to you. The current developments – “Social distancing” – are causing us to go other ways. We create human proximity! And we so with the digital possibilities at our disposal. As an international society, we are happy to take on these challenges. We will do it together and we can do it anywhere to connect people…. It’s up to you. If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere. It’s up to you. Our method workshop will connect the world and will connect people. I bet! Don’t miss out. Be there, because… It’s up to you!

Workshop Descriptions 

Workshop 1 (German) | Social groupwork is going online: This workshop is for everyone who has little or no experience in groupwork online. You will get an overview of instruments that are helpful in working with groups as well as the opportunity to try out a few yourself.

Workshop 2 (German) | Talking through pictures – creatively and appealingly: Would you like to be able to put what you have said or what you are thinking on paper effectively? Convince and inspire with flipchart? Raise awareness? In this workshop you will quickly and practically learn the first tips and tricks to make flipcharts more appealing and how to visualize symbols, figures and frames, as well as how to use colours.

Workshop 3 (English) | Creativity and connection: use of arts-based activities: Art-based activities in groupwork can promote socialization, improve self-esteem and contribute to a better well-being. Such activities offer opportunities for support, growth sociability, education through skills training and therapy for individuals and groups. We can use arts-based activities in face-to-face contexts and in online groups. Participants are invited to experience the use of arts-based activities in groupwork.

Workshop 4 (German) | Wireless – not helpless: Groupwork, that is life! Can it also be virtual? Sociometry, constellations, scaling, genograms, structuring with moderation cards, visualization on the flipchart…. Where are my nice tools for the lively design of groups and consultations? The presenters take you on a trip into the virtual space to explore and evaluate various techniques.

Workshop 5 (English) | Risks and benefits of offering online groups: This workshop will discuss the risks and benefits of offering online groups, online group norms, facilitating process and content online, preliminary research findings from online groups, as well as a case study and composite of an online group There will be time for participants and presenters to discuss issues and questions you may have about moving your group practice online.

Workshop 6 (German) | Group processes in the virtual space: a new challenge?: From the second half of 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic has also tapped the voluntary services’ seminars into the virtual room. The pedagogues in educational work quickly adapted to the digital challenges. Sometime self-taught, sometimes through spontaneous training. There was no shortage of technology and innovative tools for digital work anyway. A creative spirit of discovery, but also time pressure, promote a pragmatic attitude. “Good enough to try” became the motto. The presenters like to share experiences from this digital experimentation phase.

Event Schedule

  • Workshops 1 – 3 will be from 10.30 – 12.00  Central European Time

  • Workshops 4 – 6 will be from 12.45 – 14.15  Central European Time