In Memoriam - Alex Gitterman

Dr. Alex Gitterman passed away on March 24, 2024. He was an esteemed past president of IASWG and a much lauded scholar of group work and clinical practice. He was a Professor of Social Work at the University of Connecticut. Alex is well known for his work with his colleague Carel Germain on reconceptualizing social work practice utilizing an ecological model. This resulted in the publication of The Life Model of Social Work Practice, now in its 4th edition. He is also recognized for his work on exploration and elucidation of mutual aid in groups. He was a mentor to many members of IASWG and to to legions of social work students. Alex will also be remembered for his generosity, his warmth and his wit.

Alex was always particularly generous in his support of the organization, enriching us with his pre-symposium institutes for many years. He was a champion of social work with groups throughout the profession. He will be sorely missed. 

See the link to Alex’s obituary for more details about his life.

Member Recollections about Alex

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I came into IASWG as a novice and had no idea who or what Alex Gitterman was. My first encounter was with a very sympathetic and interested person. Later I read his work and felt proud: I know this person! I have had the privilege to meet Alex and talk to him, without knowing at the time how 'important' he was. Where I come from, the biggest compliment one can get is: "he is alright". Alex was alright. I feel privileged to have known him. - Hilda B., Germany

I’m so sorry to read that Alex Gitterman passed away. Here’s a terribly fuzzy photo that still cracks me up. I asked Alex to dance with Maria Gandarilla and me at the 2017 IASWG symposium. Maria and I affectionately called this photo “Dancing with Famous People #alexgitterman.” - Kristen P., United States


He was one of my giants in the field. He will always be remembered by me. - Albert S., United States