Seeking Participants in SPARC Study

Reconceptualizing the Role of Diversity in Group Development 

Do you want to play a part in developing a new model of group work practice? 
You're invited to be part of a research project by researchers at the University of Calgary. The purpose of this project is to discover how group work practitioners can utilize diversity to promote group development. This project has received ethical clearance (Certificate #REB13-0309).
If you agree to participate, you will be asked to engage in the following process:
1. Lead a treatment group of approximately 6-12 sessions as you normally would. 
2. Engage with the research team in training regarding the model of working with diversity that has been developed from this project. 
3. Repeat step #1, this time implementing the model and training. 
4. The research team will analyze the model of diversity by comparing the group recordings and measurement tools from steps 1 and 3.

All group sessions will be audio-recorded. Group members who participate in this study will receive and honorarium of $25 CAD (approx. $20 USD) per session for completion of questionnaires.    
If you are interested in participating or have questions, please contact:
Dr. William Pelech
Principal Investigator 
[email protected]