IASWG is committed to principles of inclusivity, equity, and diversity in all its programs and activities.  To this end, the International Issues Committee developed an international Impact form to assist the Board of Directors in auditing our progress towards internationalisation. 

In adopting this form, the Board of Directors has agreed that the IASWG Board, committees, and chapters will consider the international impact of their policies, programs, and activities; and that all committees and chapters will respond to the following questions in their reports to the Board: 

  1. Language – How is our committee or chapter helping to ensure that relevant materials are translated into the main languages used by IASWG members?
  2. Accessibility – How is our committee or chapter assuring access and inclusion such that all those present are enabled to participate?
  3. Economic justice – How is our committee or chapter addressing broader economic inequalities and moving IASWG to greater economic fairness? 
  4. Diversity – How is our committee or chapter enhancing diversity within the organization (with the understanding that diversity refers to all kinds of difference)?
  5. Knowledge – How is our committee or chapter promoting diverse sources of knowledge, including the experiences of groupwork service users and service providers as well as formal research evidence?
  6. Communication across cultures – How is our committee or chapter ‘reaching in’ as well as ‘reaching out’ in order to find diverse ways of learning from the international community within IASWG?

*Note: This form is in the process of being translated into German, French, and Spanish*