Students & New Grads

IASWG is very proud of its student members. We recognize them as the future of quality group work education and practice across the world. Currently, approximately 20% of our IASWG members are students.

Nominate an emerging leader:

Each year members are invited to nominate (1-2 pages) an outstanding MSW student or new practitioner (first 5 years of post-MSW practice) for our IASWG Founders Award for Emerging Leadership. Please contribute to a healthy and happy future by nominating someone who fits the bill!

Helpful resources on preparing for and presenting at symposia/conferences:

Helpful literature on preparing for and presenting at symposia/conferences:

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Student Voices: Impact of IASWG Involvement:

“Becoming a member of IASWG and attending the conference has truly made me feel like that work I was doing was part of something bigger than just me. I feel connected to and supported by like-minded professionals; the organization feels like a good home for my professional career to flourish.”

“Attending and presenting at IASWG in Boston was truly meaningful. The IASWG conference was really motivating and I look forward to finding new ways to include group work into all aspects of my professional and personal life.”

“I can attribute so much of my professional development and growth to the experiences that I had at the IASWG conference.”

“Participating in the IASWG symposium has been instrumental to my career. It has helped me foster a passion for social work education and research in group work and beyond!”

“The opportunity to travel to New York for the IASWG Symposium with classmates and to present in an internationally-recognized professional forum was an experience I have never had in undergraduate or my other graduate program.”

“The process of writing and presenting at IASWG has truly shaped me into a professional social worker.”

“I was encouraged to volunteer and present for the IASWG Symposium. My first IASWG symposium, in Chicago, I chose to volunteer. I was hooked! I have attended every symposium since then and have presented three times. IASWG and the annual symposiums have been wonderful for me, both professionally and personally. Not only have I been able to enhance my conference presentation skills, but I have also made so many incredible professional connections and friends.”

“I cannot imagine my life without a connection to IASWG, annual symposia, or group work practice.”